OceanJewel New Releases

OceanJewel New Releases

At OceanJewel, we're committed to keeping your style fresh and inspired with regular new releases. Our latest additions include:


Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Embodying the essence of summer and beach vibes, our Freshwater Pearl Necklace features genuine pearls that evoke the natural beauty of the ocean. Each pearl is carefully selected to ensure quality and uniqueness, making this necklace a perfect addition to your collection.


Opal Shell Ring

The Opal Shell Ring is a true statement piece, combining the iridescent beauty of opal with the timeless allure of a shell motif. This ring captures the mystical colors of the sea and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.


Koa Ring

Crafted from koa wood, the Koa Ring celebrates the tradition of Hawaiian surfboards with its rich colors and natural patterns. It's a symbol of coastal living and a reminder of the ocean's enduring influence on our designs.


Stylish Pendant Sets

Our stylish Pendant Sets offer versatility and elegance. Whether you choose a set for its symbolic meaning or its aesthetic appeal, each piece is designed to complement your individual style and enhance any ensemble.


Stay tuned for more exciting releases as we continue to bring you the best of surf-inspired jewelry with a touch of luxury. Explore our new releases and elevate your look with OceanJewel today!


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