Product History

Product History

Five Must-Have Pieces

Men's Tennis Chain and Bracelets

The men's tennis chain and bracelets are timeless pieces that have made a significant mark in the world of jewellery. Originally popularized in the 1980s by tennis star Chris Evert, who famously lost her diamond bracelet during a match, the name "tennis chain" was coined and has stuck ever since. These chains are known for their simple yet sophisticated style, featuring a continuous row of gemstones. Perfect for any occasion, they add a touch of class and elegance to your look, making them a staple in any man's jewellery collection.


Connell’s Chain

Our best-selling Connell’s Chain has skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to the hit show "Normal People" on Hulu. The main character, Connell Waldron, sports this chain throughout the series, making it an iconic piece. Fans loved it so much that the chain now has its own Instagram account with over 100,000 followers. It's the ultimate men's chain and a perfect boyfriend gift, symbolizing both style and sentiment. Its simplicity and versatility have made it a favourite among our customers, and we’ve sold thousands of these chains, solidifying its place as a modern classic.


Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Our brand-new Freshwater Pearl Necklace is a must-have for beach lovers. Made with real pearls, this necklace captures the essence of summer and beach vibes perfectly. Each pearl is unique, reflecting the natural beauty of the ocean. It's the ideal accessory for adding a touch of style to your summer wardrobe, whether you're hitting the beach or enjoying social occasion.


Koa Wood Ring

The Koa Wood Ring is a standout piece that embodies the beach lifestyle. Crafted from koa wood, which is traditionally used in Hawaiian surfboards, this ring is both durable and stylish. It's perfect for those who want to carry a piece of the beach with them wherever they go.


Signature Wave Necklace

Last but not least! Our Signature Wave Necklace is the embodiment of OceanJewel’s brand and vibes. This piece is a must-have for anyone who loves the ocean. The design captures the movement and beauty of waves, making it a standout accessory. It's more than just a necklace; it's a symbol of our connection to the sea and the surf culture we cherish. This necklace is a core piece in our collection and a favorite among our community.


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